About Us


As a manufacturer with partners worldwide - mills that mill our fabrics to our specifications, and factories that cut and sew to our patterns and designs - we drive and control the entire product manufacturing process so that we deliver a final product that meets our high expectations and surpasses yours! This direct connection to our mills and factories enables us to stay on top of current industry trends and technologies as well as keep pace with thousands of events that evolve from year to year.

Our Goal is Service

Leslie Jordan, Inc. does not have a "sales staff." What you get when you start a relationship with us is an account executive seasoned in the business of outfitting running events. Our top priority is to create a solution for your event that exceeds your expectations. We understand the many stresses of organizing events and our goal is to make the process of outfitting your event the least of your worries. It's not only about providing great products at unbeatable prices. It's about making your event a smashing success!