Redefining Activewear: Leslie Jordan Apparel’s New Sport Length Tee with a Stylish Twist

Leslie Jordan Apparel continues to push boundaries in the activewear industry with its latest creation – the Sport Length Tee. This poly performance shirt not only exemplifies our company’s commitment to quality and comfort but also introduces a fashionable twist, featuring a unique and stylish design with a short front and a longer back.

sport length tee group

Crafted with precision and an eye for innovation, it sets itself apart by seamlessly blending performance-enhancing features with contemporary style. The high-quality poly performance fabric ensures exceptional moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping wearers cool and dry during intense workouts. The fabric’s breathability adds an extra layer of comfort, making it ideal for extended periods of activity.

We understand that modern women seek activewear that effortlessly transitions from the gym to everyday life, and the Sport Length Tee delivers on that expectation. What makes this new style truly stand out is its distinct design. The shirt’s front is intentionally cut shorter, giving it a modern and athletic aesthetic. Meanwhile, the longer back adds an element of versatility and flair, making it perfect for both active pursuits and casual wear.

Inclusivity is a core value for Leslie Jordan Apparel, and the Sport Length Tee is available in a range of sizes, ensuring that women of all body types can enjoy the benefits of this innovative poly performance shirt. The shirt’s durability is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, designed to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle while maintaining its shape and performance wash after wash.

Like all Leslie Jordan Apparel products, our styles undergo rigorous testing to meet the brand’s high standards. The result is a women’s shirt that not only excels in performance but also makes a bold fashion statement. With its short front and long back, the Sport Length Tee is poised to redefine activewear, empowering women to look and feel their best as they pursue an active and stylish lifestyle.


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