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Great add on, use in combination with our shirts
FULLY SUBLIMATED – Minimum 300 peices for two sizes

Pet bandanas are an exciting and innovative way to make sure that you involve your beloved pets in all of life’s special moments. These customizable accessories not only add a touch of style to your furry friends but also serve as a unique method for advertising events or promoting awareness about specific causes.

Available in various sizes, colors, and designs, pet bandanas can be personalized with sublimation printing techniques that allow you to create one-of-a-kind pieces tailored specifically to your needs. This means that whether it’s a birthday party, a charity walk, or even just a fun day out at the park, your pets will have their own unique bandana to show off and wear with pride!

Not only do pet bandanas make for great keepsakes, but they also serve as an excellent conversation starter. People who see your pet wearing one of these custom-made accessories are sure to ask about it, giving you the perfect opportunity to share information about any events or causes that you’re passionate about supporting.

Moreover, using pet bandanas for advertising purposes is a fun and environmentally friendly way to get your message across. Instead of relying on traditional methods like flyers or banners which can often be discarded after use, these bandanas are made from durable materials that can be washed and used again, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Customer Story…


“I just wanted to Thank You and your great staff for the terrific job you did for Run to Feed the Hungry. The shirts, masks and doggie bandanas (which sold out quick)
all look fantastic. Hooray! I came to you in the 11th hour for this event and you delivered quality products, on time and without a hitch. We are grateful.”


RICH HANNA | Run to Feed the Hungry | Urban Cow Half | Great American Triathlon


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