pantone color of the year 2023 viva magenta


Timeless tones and artful brights embrace our contrasting desire for serenity and stability with energy and excitement

Colors shown are for Custom Color ideas – samples may not be available in exact colors!

PMS 7621c
Lava Falls, an impassioned orange red
with a captivating presence.

PMS 1895c
Nosegay, a fragrant floral pink that envelopes the senses.

PMS 225c
Rose Violet is vivid, vibrant and full of zing.

PMS 2214c
Midnight, a hypnotic deep blue evocative of the evening sky.

PMS 142c
Cheerful Samoan Sun enlightens and illuminates.

PMS 3242c
Cleansing waterspout cools and refreshes.

PMS 7731c
Amazon is a lush and fertile broad leaf green.

PMS 724c
Caramel Café, has a rich brown hue, earthy with a tarracotta tint.

PMS 5763c
Martini Olive, a inspired green tone with a touch of brine.

PMS 1505c
Whimsicality gregarious Orange tiger with a bright orange tone.

PMS 556c
Loden Frost, an earth infused green tone that calms and restores.

PMS 422c
Chiseled Stone displays a silent strength.

pantone color of the year 2022 very peri


Diverse and distinctive colors come together to create a palette blending comfort and familiarity with unexpected delight.

PMS 290c
Spun Sugar is a soft pastel, light and airy.

PMS 196c
Gossamer Pink, sweet and powdery with a tender touch.

PMS 206c
Innuendo is a tantalizing twist of fast and famous.

PMS 308c
Skydiver inspires us to reach for new heights.

PMS 122c
Joyful Daffodil connects us to the spontaneity of a spring garden.

PMS 542c
University Blue, Calming and cooling while conveying serenity and quietude.

PMS 7719c
Harbor Blue reflects our need to search for new adventures.

PMS 2319c
Coca Mocha has a light warm brown hue with a tint of yellow.

PMS 2405c
Dahlia Direct is a stand out purple exuding a dynamic vibe.

PMS 1788c
Poinciana a commanding heated red makes a dramatic statement.

PMS 2261c
Basil, a subdued green without pretension, quiet and calm.

PMS 431c
Poppy seed, silent powerful a deep gray offers timeless familiarity.

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